We picked some good Groups for you

Linqes is not only about saving your bookmarks and share content. We want to help share a good content! Check our selected Groups of bookmarks from different category and maybe they will inspire you to create your own one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Linqes?

    Linqes has been developed because bookmarks in browser are simply not enough. We want to store important links, share inspiring content with friends or colleagues and be sure that we don’t lose them.

  • How much do I have to pay for it?

    Nothing. Linqes is free to use web application.

  • Why is Linqes better than typical bookmarks bar in browser?

    We agree that it is pretty easy to drag a link to browser bar, but it is about to keep these links even when your browser is not available on other devices. And you can't share your bookmarks bar with other people if you want.

  • What are Presets?

    After signing up, one of your own Preset will be assigned to you into which you can start adding Groups. In your Preset (default is "< yourname > Preset") you can create up to 10 Groups for now.

  • Do you have more questions or have any issues?

    Please contact us: info@linqes.com

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Because bookmarks bar in your browser is not enough.
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