How to use Linqes


Presets are the main group of all other Groups of your collection. You can find the settings of these Presets in My Profile under the Presets tab, where are three types graphically divided. One of the Presets is always active and is graphically shown as an active. Activating of the Presets will change the content on the main page. It is possible to rename only My Preset and delete only Shared Presets.

List of Presets

There are three types of Presets:

My Presets - you can have only one of your own Preset and one import from your browser. You can rename or share these Presets, but you can delete only a imported one.

Linqes Presets - are prepared tips for you. You can activate it and view the contents of the Groups. This Presets can not be edited or deleted. If you want to return to your own Preset, you must reactivate it. Right now our Presets are empty.

Shared Presets - are saved Presets shared with other people and saved by you. It can contain up to 10 shares. These Presets can be only saved if you are already signed in.

In the Manage Presets menu, you can see a listing of all Presets. You can Edit, Activate or Delete Presets. Only one Preset can be active at the time.

How to Create a Preset

Presets can not be created yet. Each account can have only one Preset.

How to edit a Preset

Menu - Manage Presets. You can edit only the name of My Presets.

How to import my bookmarks

You can import your own bookmarks by exporting them from your browser and import in Browser Bookmarks Preset in Manage Presets menu. Click on import and select a exported file. We support any .html file. Groups are created automatically how you have them in browser.

How to delete a Preset

My Presets or Linqes Presets can not be deleted. However, you can delete Shared Presets and your imported bookmarks.

How to share a Preset

You can share your Presets by clicking on the share icon next to the name of your Preset. The pop-up window will open and by clicking on "Copy" you will copy a unique generated link.

How to share a Preset


Groups are an organized collection of your bookmarks. You can create, rename or delete Groups and you can have up to 10 bookmarks for now. You can share these groups individually.

Groups detail

How to Create a Group

Group can be created by adding a name in an input and pressing "Create" button. If you will not fill an input the "Create" button will remain disabled.

How to Edit a Group

You can find "Edit" option by clicking on dotted menu icon on the right side.

Groups image

How to delete a Group

Same as editing group. You will see option Delete.

How to share a Group

You can share your Group by clicking on the share icon next to the name of your Group. The pop-up window will open and by clicking on "Copy" you will copy a unique generated link.

Share group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Linqes?

    Linqes has been developed because bookmarks in browser are simply not enough. We want to store important links, share inspiring content with friends or colleagues and be sure that we don’t lose them.

  • How much do I have to pay for it?

    Nothing. Linqes is free to use web application.

  • Why is Linqes better than typical bookmarks bar in browser?

    We agree that it is pretty easy to drag a link to browser bar, but it is about to keep these links even when your browser is not available on other devices. And you can't share your bookmarks bar with other people if you want.

  • What are Presets?

    After signing up, one of your own Preset will be assigned to you into which you can start adding Groups. In your Preset (default is "< yourname > Preset") you can create up to 10 Groups for now.

  • Do you have more questions or have any issues?

    Please contact us:

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Because bookmarks bar in your browser is not enough.
Store your organised links in Linqes.

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