Organise and share your collection of sites

Create own Groups of your favourite content
and share with your friends or colleagues.

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All your amazing Groups will be stored in your main Preset

After signing up, one of your own Preset will be assigned to you into which you can start adding Groups. You can always share entire Preset with anyone if you want.

Create your own collection of inspiring content or just bookmarks

Do you have a plenty of bookmarks in your browser or you just want to create a collection of nice websites? Save everything you find interesting into created Groups and you can share it with anyone.

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Linqes Team

"Bookmarks in browser are simply not enough. We want to store important links, share inspiring content with friends or colleagues and be sure that we don’t lose them. It’s just simple to add sites to Linqes and share them."

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No more bookmarks was lost in your browser tab

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Because bookmarks bar in your browser is not enough.
Store your organised links in Linqes.

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